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About Di Bruno Bros.

75 years of culinary pioneering
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What makes us different?


We Create Big, Cheesy Smiles!

We’ve created beautiful cheese boards for every type of cheese lover. Crowd pleasers, European breakfast, beer lovers, red & white wine lovers, and more. Cheese makes people smile; it’s science!

We Share a Taste of Philly!

Enjoy Philly bite-by-bite, with dishes full of flavors straight from the Italian Market (where we started over 75 years ago), locally-sourced ingredients, and enough Philly street-cred to go around.

We’re At Your Service

We strive for all our guests to be wide-eyed with culinary excitement! Our services include delivery, in-store pickup, full-service catering, and hosted events in our own Rittenhouse location!


All About

Di Bruno Bros.

Philly-proud. Cheese-centric. Legacy-inspired. Purveyors of Happiness.  Walk into our shops or attend one of our events and you’ll notice there’s just something in the air here (and it’s not just the smell of cheese). It’s magical.  We make sure every visit to Di Bruno Bros. offers a bite of something that is delicious and maybe even life-changing.

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Parm Wheel Fun!

Full of Culinary


We strive for all our guests to be wide-eyed with excitement. Di Bruno Bros. Catering & Events bring the same warmth and culinary delight from our shops, to your event. With a 75-year-old history, we WOW people with culinary experiences–whether it’s flaming wheels of Parmigiano, prosciutto hand sliced on location, or cheese and meat as far as the eye can see.

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Our Chefs

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Tapping into our exclusively imported goods, and local farms and markets, our Chefs create game-changing culinary experiences for all our events.

They’ve eaten truffles five ways in Umbria with our partners, cooked fresh Mahi Mahi on the beach in Cozumel, and have run incredible restaurants across the city.

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Meet Our

Event Team

Our team of experienced event planners are confident, thorough, and quite frankly, they are the kind of people you’ll want to be around! With decades of experience in Philadelphia and beyond, our team members are here to create a one of a kind event just for you.

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